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Our mission is to delight our guests with the authentic Nepalese cuisine and hospitality at every visit. ‘Atithi devo bhava’- Guest is the God is the Nepalese culture. In the last four years since our establishment our guests have given us so much love and shown appreciation of our food and service that we have won the hearts of many guests as their popular lunch restaurant. We are deeply indebted to our dear guests and well-wishers for their appreciation, care, love, feedback and encouragement; and promise that we shall endeavor to make Lali Gurans the restaurant of their choice.

Restaurant Lali Gurans with a seating capacity of 150 persons and a convenient location is also an ideal place for private gatherings and parties. We do our utmost to make your event at Lali Gurans memorable.

For your parties we offer 2 options:

1. Our food and drinks- no rental charge.

2. Your food and non-alcoholic drinks- hourly rental chagre. 

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Mr Devi Dutt Sharma
Ravintola Lali Gurans

 Mr Devi Dutt Sharma and Mr Gopal Aryal founded Restaurant Lali Gurans in January, 2012.

Mr Devi Dutt Sharma has over thirty years of experience in restaurant business. He is the pioneer of Nepalese restaurant business in Finland. He is the founder of Restaurant Himalaya, the first Nepalese restaurant in Finland.


Mr Gopal Aryal
Ravintola Lali Gurans

Mr Gopal Aryal has been working in restaurant sector for 10 years now. He is professionally trained in restaurant service. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Most significantly, both the founders have deep passion and respect for their profession besides the experience and trainings.

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Mr Krishna Prasad Kharel

Expertise : 10 years experience( Nepal, India, Japan, Finland)

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Mr Bishnu Prasad Kharel

Expertise : 10 years experience( Nepal, India, Japan, Finland)